June 29, 2021 – Earn $50 for returning test kits

If you have been selected for antibody testing, you may be eligible for an electronic $50 Visa gift card. To be eligible for the $50 gift card, you must:

  1. Be actively receiving and returning antibody test kits.
  2. Reconsent (re-sign the consent form). Click HERE to start the reconsent process via SneezSafe. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about reconsenting.
  3. Return at least 3 completed test kits June-October 2021.

All participants who meet eligibility criteria will be emailed a $50 gift card upon study completion. No gift cards will be provided for returning fewer than 3 test kits during this time period. Please note that depending on when you were enrolled, you may receive your last test kit in either September or October. If you fail to return two consecutive test kits, you will no longer be eligible to receive any more test kits.

Still have questions? Please contact the study call center at (855) 559-1861 or by email at info@covid19communitystudy.org.

May 26, 2021 – What’s next with the study?

The study will end in October. Until then, please continue doing the following:

1. Complete and return your antibody test kits (for those who have been selected for antibody testing).

  • You will receive an antibody test kit every month until October.
  • The tests are important for everyone – vaccinated and unvaccinated, those currently with antibodies and those currently without antibodies.
  • They provide valuable information on how long it takes to develop antibodies and how long those antibodies last.

2. Complete the surveys as frequently as you can.

  • The symptom surveys provide important details to better understand COVID-19.
  • Although they are sent daily, it is okay to miss some days.
  • Not receiving survey reminders? Please email contact@sneezsafe.com with your name, phone number, and preference of text or email.

Information will be posted on the website as it becomes available. If there is additional information you’d like us to include, please let us know!

Have questions about the study? Please email info@covid19communitystudy.org or call 855-559-1861 6am-6pm Monday-Friday.

Thank you for being a part of the COVID-19 Community Partnership Research study

May 26,2021 – Raffle winners selected

The four raffle winners for the April Participant Challenge have been selected and received their $50 Amazon gift cards. We had 169 participants complete a total of 3,557 surveys in April. Thank you all for participating! Keep an eye out for future challenges and chances to win prizes.


April 13, 2021

Completing the survey could win you $50! Each survey earns you an entry into the raffle. Four winners will be selected in May.

Not receiving email or text reminders to complete the daily survey? Please email contact@sneezsafe.com for assistance.

If you have additional questions or no longer wish to participate in the research study, please email info@covid19communitystudy.org or call 855-559-1861. Please note the call center is open Monday-Friday 6am-6pm CT.


April 1, 2021

We want to thank all of our dedicated study participants and give you the opportunity to win rewards by completing your daily survey updates!

We will be raffling off four $50 Amazon gift cards for study participants. During the month of April, earn 1 raffle entry for each daily survey you complete. That means you could have up to 30 entries!

Winners will be contacted via email or phone in early May.

Thank you for continuing to Join the Fight – For You, For Me, For All.

If you have questions about the research study, contact us at (855) 559-1861 or email us at info@covid19communitystudy.org